individual therapy

Individual therapy sessions are 55 minutes. The initial intake is one hour and will include a brief history, an assessment, and initial discussion of your goals. We will finalize your treatment plan in the subsequent sessions.

Prior to this session I will send you an intake packet to complete online.


Group therapy is often a more affordable way to seek therapy and can be very helpful due to the peer interaction and support you will receive.

My free Motherless Daughters support group meets from 11:30-12:30 p.m. once a month. Please contact me for information and to register for this group.

EMDR for depression, anxiety and trauma

EMDR in conjunction with talk therapy is very beneficial. If you already see a therapist who does not currently provide EMDR, I can work with your current provider to help eliminate the therapeutic roadblocks caused by trauma.

Once traumatic events are fully processed, clients often find talk therapy even more effective.